۱۳۹۴ آذر ۲۱, شنبه

======== About the Beautiful Day of June 14 ========

Beautiful Day of June 14
People born on June 14 come under the sun sign of Gemini. It is the sign of the twins Castor and Pollux, and hence Geminis usually make great partners. People born on June 14 are made for a high pace lifestyle. They love to travel and try to be everywhere at once.
June 14 Zodiac Sign
People born on June 14 are intuitive. In fact, intuition brings about the biggest transformations in their lives. They are an Earth Green personality because they are nurturing by nature. They have a close association with friends and family members.
They have a desire to progress in life
Some Famous People born in June 14
Jaylon Smith (born June 14, 1995) is an American football linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).
Daryl Christopher Sabara (born June 14, 1992) is an American actor and voice actor
Kevin Michael McHale (born June 14, 1988) is an American actor, singer, dancer and radio personality.
Pascale Hutton (born June 14, 1979) is a Canadian actress
Lynda Lopez (born June 14, 1971) is an American journalist
Tyler Johnston (born June 14, 1987 in New Westminster, British Columbia) is a Canadian film and television actor
Langston Faizon Santisima (born June 14, 1968), professionally known as Faizon Love, is an American actor and comedian
Torrance Coombs (born June 14, 1983) is a Canadian-American actor
Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.
And of course Dominique Breton (born June 14). She is an active and a very caring staff member in the Manoir Plaza of Residences Soleil located in Sherbrooke East in Montreal, Canada
June 14 in Canadian History
June 14 1851 - Province of Canada issues 12 penny Queen Victoria stamp
June 14, 1901 - City of Trail incorporated; Colonel E.S. Topping, mayor. Trail, BC
June 14, 1911 - Election - Premier George Murray's Liberals win a second consecutive majority in the Nova Scotia election.
June 14, 1919 - Aviation - British Army Captain John Alcock and Lt. Arthur Brown take off in their Vickers Vimy bomber, a two-motor biplane, to make the first nonstop transatlantic flight; their 3,100 km flight ends 16 hours later on June 15, with a nose-down landing in a Clifden, County Galway, Ireland peat bog; they win the £10,000 prize offered by the London Daily Mail, and are both awarded knighthoods. St. John's, Newfoundland
June 14, 1935 - Labour - The On to Ottawa trek reaches Regina from Vancouver; now numbering 2,000; leaders continue on to Ottawa to protest government economic policies during the Depression. Regina, Saskatchewan
June 14, 1937 - Media - Bert Pearl first hosts lunchtime radio show The Happy Gang on station CRCT, a CBC affiliate in Toronto; moves to the CBC network four months later; stars Kay Stokes, Bob Farnon and Blaine Mather; will run for 22 years until 1959, a total of nearly 4,900 programs; Pearl dies in 1986; show also heard for a time on the Mutual Broadcasting System in the US. Toronto, Ontario
June 14, 1944 - World War II - All units of the exhausted 3rd Canadian Infantry Division put on reserve after taking Le Mesnil-Patry, France; Germans concentrated 7.5 of their 8 armoured divisions, and half of their 12 other divisions against the Canadians and British; the Canadians spend the second half of June in reserve before resuming
their attack on Capriquet airfield. Normandy, France
June 14, 1946 - Founding of the Canadian Library Association. Ottawa, Ontario
June 14, 1949 - Yukon temperature hits 36.1 degrees Celsius; warmest day on record. Yukon
June 14, 1950 - U.S. signs deal to allocate Canada more water from the Niagara River to generate hydro-electric power. Niagara Falls, Ontario
June 14, 1951 - Liberal Minister of Trade and Commerce C.D. Howe makes his famous comment: "What's a million?" during the Pipeline Debate. Ottawa, Ontario
June 14, 1961 - James Coyne, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, resigns due to disagreements with the Diefenbaker government's fiscal policies. Ottawa, Ontario June 14, 1966 - Labour - Québec longshoremen end 39-day strike; get 34% wage increase. Québec
June 14, 1971 - Constitution - Ottawa and provinces start four-day federal-provincial conference at Victoria; the first ministers will draft the Victoria Charter proposing constitutional reforms, which will later be rejected by Québec Premier Robert Bourassa. Victoria, BC
June 14, 1977 - Media - CBC President Al Johnson asks for public input in changing the corporation's program philosophy. Ottawa, Ontario
June 14, 1984 - Politics - Pierre Trudeau says farewell to Liberal Party in gala tribute at the opening night of the Liberal party leadership convention. Ottawa, Ontario
June 14, 1986 - Disaster - An accident involving the "Mindbender" roller coaster at the West Edmonton Mall kills three people and seriously injures a fourth. Edmonton, Alberta
June 14, 1988 - Music - Pianist Angela Cheng of Edmonton the First Canadian to win the top prize at the Montréal International Music Competition. Montréal, Québec
June 14, 1989 - Hundreds of Winnipeg residents are evacuated from their homes after an explosion and fire at a chemical plant. Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 14, 1990 - World's fair officials choose Hanover, Germany, over Toronto, Ontario by a one-vote margin to host Expo 2000. Geneva, Switzerland
June 14, 1991 - Brian Mulroney says Canada will scale down military in Europe; 8,000 at Lahr and Baden Baden; 1,400 to be withdrawn this year. Berlin, Germany
- June 14 - Michael Wilson says Free Trade tribunal ruling for Canadian pork exporters proves deal works; end of countervail pork duty; $20 million refund. Ottawa, OntarioJune 14, 1993 - Hockey - Birth of the NHL Florida Panthers.
June 14, 1994 - Environment - Canada joins 25 other nations in signing a United Nations protocol in Oslo, on reducing sulphur emissions that are a major cause of acid rain. Oslo, Norway
- June 14 - Hockey - Fans riot in the streets after the NHL Vancouver Canucks lose the Stanley Cup to the New York Rangers 4 games to 3 at Madison Square Garden; police use TV news videotapes of the riot to lay charges against over 100 people; first Rangers win in 54 years. Vancouver, BC- June 14 - Music - Gordon Lightfoot, Blue Rodeo and Ontario Premier Bob Rae (who plays a tin drum in Mozart's Toy Symphony) perform at the 100th anniversary concert of Massey Hall featured; top ticket price is around $70. Toronto, OntarioJune 14, 1995 - Steve Turner and Lorelei Turner convicted of manslaughter in failing to provide the necessities of life to a child; in starvation death of their 3 year old son. New Brunswick
June 14, 1996 - Cinema - Canadian comic Jim Carrey appears in his new movie Cable Guy, released on this day. Los Angeles, California
June 14, 1997 - Media - Clyde Gilmour ends his 40+ year run as host of Gilmour's Albums on CBC Radio due to illness; CBC's longest running, highest rated one man show; the eclectic record collector and critic will die five months later. Toronto, Ontario
June 14, 2006 - Theatre - The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts opens across from Osgoode Hall; the new home of the Canadian Opera Company (COC) and the National Ballet of Canada is modelled after European opera houses, with a five-tiered, horseshoe-shaped auditorium. Toronto, Ontario
June 14, 2008 - Howard Hampton announces his resignation from the leadership of the Ontario New Democratic Party; starts Ontario NDP leadership campaign. Toronto, Ontario
June 14, 2010 - House of Commons votes unanimously to designate Halifax's Pier 21 museum, where more than a million immigrants arrived in Canada 1928-71, as the country's national immigration museum; closed on March 8, 1971 as passenger liners gave way to plane travel. Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 14 in American History
In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. The United States Army also celebrates the U.S. Army birthday on this date; Congress adopted "the American continental army" after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole on June 14, 1775
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