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One Song & Many Voices (Pt 4): Sufficient/ Enough for us

 In the Part One of these series noted that in the history of Iranian music, there are lots of songs with many voices. The song of "Maa ra Bass", which is translated literally in English as "Sufficent" or "it is enough for us", may be marked and remembered as one of those songs. The song has been performed by many Iranian singers such as Delkash, Ahddyeh, Nader Golcheen, Hoorvash Khalili, Sahar Mohammadi, Arash Mitooii, Salar Aghili, etc. The song of "Maa ra Bass" is based on various poems composed by different poets. Here is a list of those songs:

 Singer: Delkash - Poet: Parviz Khatibi.1

 2.Singer: Ahddyeh - Poet: Anonymous

 3.Singer: Nader Golcheen - Poet: Hafez
 The English version of the song as translated by Network Iran:
From the world’s rose-garden one rose of cheek is for us enough;
From this sward, the shade of that moving cypress (the true Beloved is) for us enough.
I and the fellow-companionship of people of hypocrisy from us be far!
Of the weighty things of the world, the weighty ritl is for us enough.
In return for good deeds, the palace of paradise, they give:
We, who are profligate and indigent, the cloister of the Magians (the stage of divine knowledge and of love) is for us enough.
On the marge of the (passing) stream, sit; and the passing of life, behold:
For this example of the passing world is for us enough.
The cash of the world’s market, and the world’s pain, behold:
If this profit (is not) for you enough; this loss, for us enough.
With us, is the (true) Beloved. That more we should desire, what need?
The fortune of the society of that dear Friend of the soul, for us enough.
For God sake, from  Thy door, send me not to paradise:
For of existence and abode, the head of Thy street, for us enough.
Hafiz! Void of justice, is the complaint of the watering place of fate (word):
The nature (pure) like water, and the moving ghazals (eloquent and sweet: are) for us enough.

 4. Singers: Hoorvash Khalili & Sahar Mohammadi - Poet: Ghodssi Mashahdi
A. A note by this author in the comment section of the followng Belog
B. The English version of the song as translated by Daylaman:
Good enough, a glance at the world like the Sun,
Good enough, a warm breath and a glowing heart!
Blooming is awarded to flower in the garden of earth,
Good enough, tears on our eyes like a dewdrop!
Knowing that reunion with my love will not happen,
Good enough, the hope for the dawn arriving after this dark night!
Although not appreciated from narrow-minded
Good enough, to dialog with those who understand!
In a world that may not remain from someone much,
Good enough, if remains from Ghodssi, a pleasant rhyme!

 5. Singer: Arash - Poet: Hafez

 6. Singer: Salar Aghili - Poet: Rahim Zaryan

 7. Singer: Unknown - Port: Anonymous

Collected and Prepared by
Manouchehr Saadat Noury, PhD
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